Gnosis Protocol turns CoW Protocol

New year, new beginnings! We are starting the new year with a big bang and are paving the road to our independence: we are rebranding Gnosis Protocol to CoW Protocol and are launching our very own website

As CowSwap, the first interface built on Gnosis Protocol, has grown a moo-nderful community around it, we have decided to rename the underlying protocol to be more in line with our own brand. Today marks the birth of the Coincidence of Wants Protocol — or in short CoW.

“Let the CoWs light up the dark forest” Master CoW

Check out the new website here:

This moo-ve comes right on time as the team’s spin off is coming closer: last week the proposal to spin out the Cow Protocol team and launch its own token moved to phase 2, making the branding update even more relevant.

CowSwap has come a long way since launching last year in April. Initially deployed as a Proof of Concept (PoC), Cowswap’s goal was to test the new features that CoW Protocol brings to the decentralized trading world. While it might have started as an experiment, things changed rapidly with the amount of support and usage the dapp experienced. Since its launch, the growth has accelerated: :

  • 1936.26 % Trading Volume growth
  • 473.44 % User growth in both Active and New traders
  • More than 2000 Tokens traded
  • More than 100,000 Batches solved

With the new year, we are setting new goals and are motivated to keep our user numbers growing. We believe that clear marketing plays a major role in building our community and have hence decided to unite the branding of the underlying protocol and it’s most popular interface.

Another factor playing into our decision to rebrand is our current step towards independence: the team is about to spin out of Gnosis and while we will remain close to our roots, it is time to establish our own brand identity and underline our focus on the CoW Ecosystem.

And what better way to name this new protocol than the aspect that makes it most unique?

The goal of CoW Protocol is to make markets more efficient and to protect traders. Through the use of CoWs (put simple “p2p” trades) we can offer users best prices & ease of mind when trading. Ultimately, the goal for CoW Protocol and CowSwap is to become the go-to protocol & meta-dex aggregator for users & smart contracts that want to trade without having to worry about gas prices or losing money, on CoW Protocol every user is protected and receives best prices.

If you want to learn more about the CoW Protocol Team’s spin off, follow the discussion on the GnosisDAO Forum.

Long live the CoWs, and welcome CoW Protocol to the wild #DeFi ecosystem!

Check out our website

🐦 Twitter| 📒 Documentation| 💬 Discord




CoW Protocol lets you swap assets MEV protected at the best exchange rate by leveraging its batch settlement layer built on top of AMMs and DEX Aggregators.

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CoW Protocol

CoW Protocol

CoW Protocol lets you swap assets MEV protected at the best exchange rate by leveraging its batch settlement layer built on top of AMMs and DEX Aggregators.

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